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Burbiškio dvaras

Parko g. 1B, Burbiškio k., 29211 Anykščių r.
(+370) 38149255
4 metai veikloje

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(+370) 38149255
Karolis Malinauskas
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3 employees (insured)
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493.58 € (2019 June) Plačiau

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Burbiškis Manor is located in Anykščiai Regional Park, near Rubikiai Lake, 8 km away from Anykščiai. Standing on a scenic left bank of Anykšta River, the elegant palace can be seen from afar – it is an architectural monument of the 19th century, a neoclassical era gem, fascinating us with its subtlety and elegance. A graciously designed local park, a home for more than 30 species of trees and bushes, blends into the landscape as an oasis of peace and tranquility.

The Burbiškis Manor ensemble has been reconstructed according to the design of 1853. Authentic ceiling and wall paintings, original brown ash-wood door, and surviving valuable decorated fireplaces by the walls have been restored. A special interior decoration is the authentic 19-century stoves covered with white glazed panels. Similar stoves are installed in the Presidential Palace of Lithuania, in Daukantas square, but only exclusive visitors can see them. So, in Burbiškis Manor, you have a unique opportunity to see something that can only be seen by the representatives of foreign countries and distinguished guests visiting the Presidential Palace. Today the manor is adapted for tourism needs, offering accommodation and catering services, organizing concerts, seminars, and exhibitions. The manor estate has regained its former purpose – it has become a cultural center in Anykščiai region.The European Union, which cares for a cultural heritage of its new family members, has contributed by its structural funds to the restoration of the manor and thus Burbiškis Manor rose to a new life.

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