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EUROOPA, vaikų pramogų centras, UAB "Pramogų imperija"

Taikos pr. 61, 91181 Klaipėda
(+370) 46469133
Working now 10.00-22.00

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(+370) 46469133

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Tenženė, pokylių salės
26.4 km | Sodžiaus g. 85, Rūdaičių k., Kretingos r.
rural tourism, farmstead, rent of homstead, banquet hall, rent of banquet hall, banquet hall, organization of banquets, rent of banquet hall, ballroom, accommodation, bedrooms, double rooms, three-bed rooms, four-bed rooms, rent of rooms, bath, rent of steamhouse, rest in the nature
HBH Palanga, UAB "Žibosa"
29.6 km | Liepų g. 23, Žibininkai, Kretingos r.
kvass, cafe, hotel, brewery, paintball, park of sculptures, recreation for the whole family, active recreation, sculptures, parks, bikes/bicycles, basketball, Palanga, Žibininkai, restaurant, bars, wedding, mini zoo, zoo garden, decorative birds, bagi, Souvenirs, homemade bread, kvass, active sport, restaurant, draft beer, organization of celebrations, nutrition, branch pie, brewery, rada kitchen, restaurant, bar, banquets, bath, hotel, entertainment, active sport, sculpture park, paintball, attractions, active recreation, zoo park, route, extreme entertainment, fun for kids, games, playing ground, volleyball ground, cafes, bars, hotels, basketbaal site, tennis courts, simulators, water bikes/pedalos, boats, riding, culinary heritage, Conference, organization of events, botany garden, steambaths, entertainment afloat
Zigmo žirgai
22.8 km | Klevų g. 1, Palanga
Gradiali, sanatorija, UAB
28.2 km | Vanagupės g. 15, Palanga
Sanatorium Gradiali provides rehabilitation, treatment and medical restoration services. The main Health Centre activities include the connective tissue and musculoskeletal system, endocrine system, nervous system and respiratory therapy.
With respect to our patient care, we offer short- and long-term treatment and health promotion programs conforming to everyone’s needs.
Rehabilitation and wellness procedures: kinesitherapy in gym and in water, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic massages, mud and paraffin therapy, hydrotherapy, halotherapy, psychotherapy, aquatic therapy, amber therapy.
Our SPA professionals will propose specific procedures for fussy customers – from massage with Baltic amber to beauty treatments with Phytomer and Viecollection lines.
In the evening, every guest has the opportunity to enjoy a Turkish bath, swimming pool or relax in the Jacuzzi.
Gradiali provides not only accommodation and health services, but it also invites guests to visit our restaurant and to taste delicious dishes. Even the most sophisticated guest will choose a favorite dish from a wide range of menu. Comfortable environment with excellent and sincere service will leave the best memories for each person.
Japoniškas sodas
37.6 km | Sodų g., Mažučių k., Kretingos r.
Japanese garden is an integral part of Japanese culture. Throughout the ages it embraced religion, art and a respectful approach to nature.
Garden creation art practice in Ancient Japan reaches the seventh century, Nara period (710-794), in which the influence of China was strongly felt.

Since we have pagan roots, the Japanese love of nature and respect for all elements of nature will not be difficult to understand.

For the purposes of uncovering the greatness of stones and the strength of the area the idea of a Japanese garden has been chosen. Samogitians are the last pagans in Europe. Traditional Japanese religion is Shinto (Eng. "way of the gods"). It is a pagan religion, whose object of the worship is kami – nature and it's elements (trees, mountains, stones, springs) or phenomena.
Kintai, UAB
33.9 km | Kintai, Šilutės r.
Kintai, recreational fishing, carps, pikes, catfishes, croakers, grass carps, white foreheads, trouts, hunting, foxes, rabbits, beavers, muskrats, feeding, accommodation, rents of ships, repair services, port, small port, ships, kayak rentals, cognitive and recreational travel, excursions, Pomeranian region, Nemunas river delta, Rusnė island, Ventė horn, horn, guesthouse, tavern, hotel, conference hall, fishing in ponds, in Curonian Lagoon, fishing supplies, rent of fishing rods, fuel for ships, fish dishes, ferry, nutrition, accommodation, rent of ships, repair of ships, hotels, Šilutė, ponds, Nemunas river delta, Minija, ships, camping, campings, campgrounds, motels, motel, water gaieties, festive, organization of events, smoked fish, by ships, for fests, water bikes/pedalos, rent of bikes, tub
Virginija, kaimo turizmo sodyba
23.8 km | Minijos g. 27, Vilkyčiai, Šilutės r.
farmstead, rural tourism, parties, party, ballroom, rent of banquet hall, rent of hall for wedding, conference hall, bedrooms, bath, rent of steamhouse, feeding block, rest in village, basketbaal site, children playing site, acceptance of guests in Spring, acceptance of guests in Autumn, acceptance of guests in Summer, acceptance of guests in Winter
Šyšos kaimo sodyba
44.2 km | Augusto Dėvilaičio g. 10A, Šyšos k., Šilutės r.
rural homstead, rent of rural tourism homestead, bed, bath, sauna, barbeque, fishing, basketbaal site, in the nature, rural tourism, accommodation services, accommodation, water gaieties, active recreation, bikes/bicycles, scull, water bikes/pedalos, rent of homesteads, holiday in a village, Rusnė island, Nemunas river delta
Medeinės gojus
35.8 km | Pušyno g. 24, Kūlupėnų k., Kretingos r.
homstead, banquet hall, bath, rent of steamhouse, bedrooms
Šilutės kultūros ir pramogų centras
43.7 km | Lietuvininkų g. 6, Šilutė
Šilutė, culture, fests, Events, organization of events, festivals, concerts, performances, rent of premises, exhibitions, dance studio, non-governmental organisations, cultural activity
Taurų parkas
85.9 km | Tauragės dvaro g. 1, Taurų k., Tauragės r.
park, entertainment, nature, leisure, family, activities for leisure, leisure, bed, cabins, rest, active recreation, Tauragė, Lietuva
Poilsis Vištytyje, P. Arbatauskienės sodyba
170.5 km | Žvejų g. 2, Vištytis, Vilkaviškio r.
banquet hall, steambaths, pool, fireplace, tub, recreational boat, buggy ride, snowmobiles, basketbaal site, Sports Club, trainers hall, horse riding, rent of homesteads, farmstead, banquet halls, hall, rural homstead, rent of homstead, heated swimming pool, active recreation, motorboats, rural tourism, wedding, family fests, region, for weddings, for birthdays, for fests, for anniveersaries, parties, for banquets, for conferences, of conferences, ballroom, of halls, hall rental, bath, bikes/bicycles, water gaieties, fishing, boats, billiard, pool, table tennis, winter activities, skis, ATV motorcycles, extreme entertainment, tourism, sports inventory
Vinkšnupis, kaimo turizmo sodyba
125.6 km | Judriai, Šakių r.
rural tourism, farmstead, homstead, calm recreation, hall rental, bath, steambaths, rest at a pond, rest in village, bed, accommodation, rest, entertainment, Events, wedding, anniversaries, receptions, birthdays, fests, banquet, ballroom, leisure
Dobilas, kaimo turizmo sodyba
132.7 km | Jakaičių k., Šakių r.
rural tourism, farmstead, homstead, calm recreation, hall rental, bath, steambaths, rest in village, bed, accommodation, rest, entertainment, Events, wedding, anniversaries, receptions, birthdays, fests, banquet, ballroom, for weddings, leisure
Nemuno vingis, kaimo sodyba
129.7 km | Maštaičiai, Šakių r.
rural tourism, farmstead, homstead, calm recreation, banquet hall for up to 100 seats, hall rental, bath, steambaths, rest in village, bed, accommodation, rest, entertainment, Events, wedding, anniversaries, receptions, birthdays, fests, banquet, ballroom, leisure
Vakarų užuovėja, kavinė-baras, UAB "Gelgaudukė"
134.4 km | Vakarų g. 17, Gelgaudiškis, Šakių r.
cafe, bar, banquets, receptions, plat du jour