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Medaus pirtelė

Varnikų g. 4, Varnikų k., 21142 Trakų r.

(+370) 61730845    Email   

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(+370) 61730845
Jolanta Šindeikienė
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Medaus pirtelė

Bed & Bath Lodging for 2-4 guests!
" Medaus pirtelė " adapted to accommodate 2-4 persons per night, so it is best suited for couples, families with children or a mini-company consisting of four people.
The family will not have to pay for one child!
" Medaus pirtelė " invites You to come for one day, too!
The guests will receive the keys to the whole house and be able to feel like owners for the entire stay period.
Nobody will disturb guests‘ privacy and relaxation!
The name of " Medaus pirtelė " (Honey bath) did not appear by accident. Honey - a remedy for hundreds of illnesses and is suitable not only for sweetening the tea but also used in a bath for reviving the skin and body. All guests will be gifted with a jar of honey!
" Medaus pirtelė " is at a good strategic location - it is remote but at the same time next to Trakai, the castle is just around the corner, while it is only about 20 minutes drive from Vilnius.

Worth seeing
" Medaus pirtelė " you will find on the shore of Skaistis Lake, in Trakai Historical National Park, Varnikai village. Here You will see an impressive Varnikai mound, a V-VI century ancient settlement discovered in the village. Not far from " Medaus pirtelė " there is Varnikai Botanical-Zoological Reserve, the swamp, hiking Cognitive path through Varnikai forest. A travel to Botanical-Zoological Reserve - a great opportunity to spend time in the untouched natural environment. Three and a half kilometers on a newly built path won‘t be boring, as you can relax on 10 impressive rest stops equipped with information for the visitors. Currently, the northern part of Varnikai Reserve is occupied by the Ilgelis swamp ( 207 hectares) where there are four lakes: Baluošas, Piliškiu, Bevardis and Ilgelis. Here there are 600 species of plants, 16 of which are listed in the Red Data Book of Lithuania, also are
detected 15 protected species of insects.

Additional Information

Vadovaudamasi Lietuvos Respublikos įstatymais, Trakų rajono savivaldybės taryba nustatė vietinę rinkliavą už naudojimąsi Trakų rajono savivaldybės teritorijos viešąja infrastruktūra nuo 2017 m. sausio 1 d. Rinkliavos mokestis į apgyvendinimo kainą neįskaičiuotas. Rinkliavos dydis – 0,60 euro privaloma įmoka už asmeniui suteiktą vieną nakvynę, vaikams iki 14 metų mokėti nereikia.