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90308 Rietavo sav.
(+370) 64848592
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(+370) 64848592
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Forest recreation resort in Rietavas municipality, Labardžiai village, were started to be built in 2006. Moving in a small steps, quite big things was born here. The location was just a very abandoned forest. Owners had the idea to clean and arrange this area, and to set up a cozy forest resting place for their own relaxation and meditation. More and more attractive objects appeared on the territory of the forested and outskirts that grew every year. Starting with a water pond and a house above it, ending with a health path through the forest density. A variety of forest vegetation enchants everyone visiting here: a botanist, a photographer, a herbal lover, a musician, an artist, a sculptor, or simply those, who loves forest music and wonderful scents that are constantly updated by the flowering of different plants, the growth of mushrooms or the warm summer rainfall. About 10 years this resort was used only for the owners’ personal needs, but it’s time to show this wonderful place to the world! “Forest Paradise” – the tranquillity begins HERE… more...
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Ąžuolo vartai, kaimo turizmo sodyba
19.6 km | Žlibinų kel. 23, Glaudžių k., Plungės r.
homstead for wedding, sodyba šventėms, nutrition, food, accommodation, bed
V. Stuobrienės apgyvendinimo namai
20.7 km | Lankos g. 31/ Laisvės g. 49, Plungė
Stuobriene House provides self-catering accommodation service for workers. We can accommodate up to 90 people. All...
Šarkauskų sodyba
30.7 km | Mažeikių Plento g. 5, Jogaudų k., Plungės r.
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Plungės turizmo informacijos centras, BĮ
22 km | Dariaus ir Girėno g. 27, Plungė
Here you can find out about city and district attractions, museums, entertainment, accommodation and catering opportunities, events and festivales.
You will be able to pick up free tourist information publications about Plungė region, to purchase souvenirs, etc.
In accordance with the needs of each one, we will help you to make a tourist route, which will help to know Plungė city and district much more!
Maudutis, sodyba
38.5 km | Maldučių g. 4, Virkšų k., Plungės r.
Plungė, Mažeikiai, in Mažeikiai, Telšiai, homstead, rent, junkets, banquet hall, halls, bath, wedding, for weddings, christening,...
Mortos Mikašauskienės kaimo turizmo sodyba
36.2 km | Ežero g. 33, Plateliai, Plungės r.
rent of steamhouse, hall rental, hall for parties, fireplace, rest in village, children's playground, conference hall,...
Minavuonė, kaimo turizmo sodyba
26.1 km | Degučiai 1, Telšių r.
overnight stay in Samogitia, accomodation in Telshiai region, inexpensive rest in Western Lithuania, xcamping nearby Gaudeshius...
Senasis Rambynas, UAB
69.3 km | Miško g. 1, Lumpėnų k., Pagėgių sav.
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TURISTAUK.LT, baidarių nuoma Žemaitijoje
29.7 km | Bažnyčios g., Balsiai, Šilalės r.
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Stulpino malūnas, kaimo turizmo sodyba, UAB "Eltekma"
68.3 km | Poilsio 4-oji g. 12, Jautakių k., Mažeikių r.
ballroom, rent of banquet hall, conference hall, rent of conference hall, bedrooms, organization of holidays, services...
Mėlynoji banga, sodyba
32.3 km | Beržulaukio g. 3, Bartašiškės k., Šilalės r.
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Barkų sodyba
75.9 km | Leckavos g. 47, Leckava, Mažeikių r.
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Dauba, sodyba
35.3 km | Kveilių k., Telšių r.
rent of homstead, rent of homesteads, banquet hall, rent of hall for wedding, rent of banquet...
Rudynų sodyba
47.1 km | Rudynų k., Šilutės r.
rural tourism, for corporate events, for christenings, for birthdays, rent of hall for wedding, bedrooms
Bočiaus troba, sodyba
30.4 km | Beržyno g. 1, Vėžaičiai, Klaipėdos r.
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Medeinės gojus
42.3 km | Pušyno g. 24, Kūlupėnų k., Kretingos r.
homstead, banquet hall, bath, rent of steamhouse, bedrooms