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Pagulbis, sodyba

Pagulbio k., 33310 Molėtų r.
(+370) 60378886

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(+370) 60378886
Aliona Jakutienė
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Labai patiko, ramybė ir privatumas. Sodyba labai prižiūrėta, autentiška. Toks jausmas, kad naktį ptaleidi muziejuje
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A place of tranquillity with special aura
For families, couples, friends – for rest and creation
Smoke sauna
Picking of mushrooms, herbs, berries
Picnic site
Pagulbis – is a unique countryside house reborn during commemoration of the restoration of the state of Lithuania. We heard about this type of houses only from tales making it attractive and welcoming our folks and guest visiting Lithuania for the first time or after a while.

Lithuania still have a few unique countryside houses with barns. One of them is Pagulbis, where you feel elevated like being in a temple. Preserved heritage of culture is food for soul and eye – Pagulbis is inviting to spend time together.

Pagulbis is a cosy home you will never forget, the smell of freshly baked bread, the view of sunrays playing on the shelves of old books, the sound of buzzing bees and strawberries put on a straw and silence of forest. It is a special place with the aura of kindness, where guests will replace their daily routine with memories from childhood and peace.

2 storey house has the following facilities:
- Library room
- Teachers' room - suite
- Summer room
- Friendship room for a group of 16 persons
- Grand piano room where you can play piano
- Big shared kitchen
- Barn for big parties
- Barn for memories
- .. and many wonderful, authentic details for inspiration, creation and rest
Escape from city buzz, have a rest in nature, dream in an old Lithuanian house, where it is good to create, organise events and celebrate big parties.