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Rokiškio pokeris, MB

Nepriklausomybės a. 13, 42115 Rokiškis
(+370) 61459163
2 metai veikloje

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(+370) 61459163
Justinas Kanopa
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Leokordis, nakvynės namai
1.3 km | Perkūno g. 6, Rokiškis
guesthouse, bed, accommodation in Rokiškis, showers, WC, refrigerators, television sets, car parking place, conference hall, hostels, Conference
Rokiškio krašto muziejus
0.7 km | Tyzenhauzų g. 5, Rokiškis
museum, points of interest, education, exposition, culture, leisure, manor, Conference, Events, exhibitions, concerts, Souvenirs, ethnography, cheese road
Saldus sapnas, svečių namai
2.3 km | Gabijos g. 4, Parokiškė, Rokiškio r.
accommodation in Rokiškis, showers, WC, refrigerators, kitchen, car parking place, free Internet
Alkas, vila
5.8 km | Papartynės g. 3, Iciūnų k., Rokiškio r.
rural tourism, farmstead, in a grange, calm recreation, accommodation, rent of homstead, culinary heritage, smoke bathhouse, culture heritage, steambaths, educational program, horses, stud farm, riding, Conference, seminars, organization of events, birthdays, parties, junkets, wedding, family fests, receptions, summerhouses, swing, bikes/bicycles
Alaušo slėnis, poilsio ir renginių centras, UAB "Ežerų pasaulis"
39.5 km | Pakrantės g. 53, Bikuškio k., Utenos r.
About ,,Alaušo slėnis“
“Those who find the beauty of Earth get the
power enough for the end of the life”
R. Carson
“Alaušo Slėnis” is a Recreation Centre situated on the picturesque western coast of Alaušas Lake (~ 110 km from Vilnius, ~135 km from Kaunas).
The centre is absolutely new and covers the territory of more than 4 ha; the maximum number of guests is 68.
“Alaušo Slėnis” provides 4-star services of housing and entertainment. Our guests live in new rest houses with verandas looking at the lake, sitting-rooms, bed-rooms with modern furniture, mini kitchens and modern bathrooms.
more about housingA wide range of free time activities and entertaining. Alaušas Lake not only relieves stress but is also full of fish, is perfect for diving and other water activities.
more about free time
Restaurant staff will cook the dishes of European cuisine from local products. The food in restaurant is healthy and of perfect quality.
Breakfasts for guests are free.
more about restaurant
“Alaušo Slėnis” is a perfect place for organization of conferences and teaching seminars, business or personal events.
information for festival organizers
Today you can reserve places not only for the summer season but also for the Christmas and New Year.
“Alaušo Slėnis” provides its services during the whole year.
Reserve your house now!
Recreation Centre “Alaušo Slėnis”

Aido ir Vido sodyba
60.2 km | Utenos g. 2, Asmalų k., Utenos r.
Utena, Utena region, rural tourism, homstead, camping, boats, boat, fishing, basketball
Renginių ir poilsio centras "Gervalis"
56.6 km | Ežero g. 29, Klykių k., Utenos r.
Recreation and Event Centre “Gervalis” is an extraordinarily cozy place radiating exceptional warmth and tranquility. It is situated on the Klykiai lake shore and is surrounded by a beautiful forest...

This new Recreation and Event Centre has opened its doors in September, 2015. This space is designed for special occasions – your weddings, anniversaries, christenings, corporate events, conferences, friend and family celebrations, and relaxation!

We have eight modern rooms, a spacious 150 m event hall, two terraces with gorgeous lake views, a tennis court, a basketball court, and a sandy lake beach that are waiting for you.

Building’s interior design is created with natural colors, decorated by paintings of Ramune Uleviciene.

The Centre has a restaurant and a sauna complex with a steam bath, an infrared sauna and a Jacuzzi. There is a playground, a sandbox and some swings for children.

This Recreation and Event Centre is elegant and confidential.
Adomynės dvaras
29.9 km | A. Vilėniškio g. 4, Adomynė, Kupiškio r.
education, culinary heritage
Ilonos sodyba
73.8 km | Saladiškės, Molėtų r.
homestead by a lake, recreation at the lake, for steamhouse, homsteads, rent of homesteads, lakeside homestead, homstead near to Molėtai, bed, active recreation, calm recreation, accommodation, stags, hens, birthdays, for banquets, parties, homstead for wedding, for banquets, for banquets, for conferences, hall rental, big homestead, sodyba šventėms, tents, canoe, kayak rentals, rent of boats, floater, water bicycle, camping, fishing, recreation center, comfortable environment, campgrounds, rural tourism, rural homstead
Bebrų kalnas, kaimo turizmo sodyba
59.8 km | Jauniškių k., Utenos r.
rural homstead; rent of rural tourism homestead; Aukštaitija; homestead by a lake; Utena region; bath; kitchen; fireplace; barbeque; place for tents; boats; fishing; recreation at the lake; in the nature; rural tourism; accommodation services; banquet organization; tub; lake; pond; nature; conference hall; water gaieties; wedding; christening; active recreation
Santa Barbara, vila
75.1 km | Graužės k., Molėtų r.
parties, for birthdays, for christenings, for banquets, for anniveersaries, homsteads, rural tourism, homstead for wedding, active entertainment, children's playground, banquet, festive, of buffet lunches, homsteads by the lake, marriage
Virinta, kaimo turizmo sodyba
75 km | Virintų g. 14, Čiulėnai, Molėtų r.
homstead for wedding, homestead for conferences, sodyba šventėms, homestead by a lake, bath, tub, homsteads by the lake, recreation at the lake, big homestead, rural homstead, hall for parties, accommodation, bed
Pas Šeštoką, Vila sodyba
74.7 km | Babilninkų k., Molėtų r.
homsteads by the lake, homstead for wedding
Pas Paulių, kaimo sodyba
74.8 km | Babilninkų k., Molėtų r.
rural homstead, bath, calm recreation, rural tourism, homestead by a lake, fishing, rest in the nature, ballroom, family fests, wedding, rural homesteads, rent of rural homestead, rent of rural tourism homestead, rent of steamhouse, lake, rent, conferences, tub, volleyball ground, football field, big homestead, homsteads by the lake, outside fireplace, children's playground, badminton, nutrition
Birutės vienkiemis, sodyba
66.5 km | Paąžuolių k., Utenos r.
homstead, rest in village, rural tourism, rent of homstead, wedding, family fests, parties, of conferences, ballroom, birthdays, anniversaries, banquets, receptions, children camp, resorts, nutrition, tub, bath, basketball, kayaks, boats, fishing, pond, by a pond, paintball, showers, hall rental, accommodation, accommodation services, bed
Rūta, poilsio bazė, UAB "Vilniaus Sigmos poilsinės"
83.2 km | Kirneilė, Molėtų r.
rest, recreation center, resorts, dining room, Finnish sauna, Russian steamhouse, ballroom, rent of banquet hall, conference hall, conference halls, rent of conference hall, billiard, table tennis, boats, rent of boats, fishing, fishing, lake, place for tents, rest in the nature, recreation at the lake, banquet hall, recreation center, Bebrusai lake, children playing site, rest, bed, banquets, buffet, banquet, pool, recreation at the lake, conference