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Tauragės krašto muziejaus „Santaka“ turizmo informacijos centras

Dariaus ir Girėno g. 5, Tauragės pilis, 72215 Tauragė
(+370) 68534705
Atsidarys pirmadienį 8.00

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(+370) 68534705
Eglė Červinskaitė

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It is hard to miss that the name of Tauragė (a conjunction of two words: Tauras, which means aurochs, and ragas, which means horn) refers to the horns of an aurochs. It is believed that the name of the city originates from the horns of an aurochs. The legends tell that people would find large aurochs horns in the territory of Tauragė, and that is why they gave this name to the location. In addition, there were artisans who would work with the aurochs’ horns, and they would be called by the name of tauragis. Another legend links the name of Tauragė with the castle of Duke Tauragis built in this location, and the city was named after it.

Some argue that the city is situated at the edge of the territory of the tribe Skalvians, but later Samogitians from the nearby neighbourhoods settled here. Significant access roads to Lithuania of the crusaders crossed the territory of the city, but there is not much precise data on the development of the city. In 1507, the name of the city was first mention in written sources with regard to the establishment of the church, school and shelter. The then town kept expanding, and in 1526, it was already marked in the maps. Since 17th century, the city was one of the major residences of the Radziwiłł family. Unfortunately, in 1836, a large fire destroyed everything, and this resulted in the current location of Tauragė city.

Today Tauragė is a small, but beautiful and well looked after city with a population of 26000. Although the city covers quite a large area with its residential and industrial areas, the most significant area is the city centre with the city’s oldest buildings and places of interest.


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