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Tautodailininkės A. Krepštul muziejus

Mokyklos g. 7, Tabariškių k., 17283 Šalčininkų r.
(+370) 65887888

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(+370) 65887888
Danuta Moločko


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A museum dedicated to the Folk painter Anna Krepštul (1932-2007) is located in the Multifunctional Centre in Tabariškės. A prolific and an incredibly productive painter, she created over 3,500 pieces throughout her life, evoking beauty, goodness and tranquillity. The museum exhibits 50 of her pieces, whilst other works belong to private art collections in Lithuania, Poland, USA, England. Some are exhibited in the Rostov-on-Don church in Russia and church in Vitebsk in Belorussia. In the museum there is a reconstruction of her painting room, and also her wheelchair.