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Trikampis pub

J. Jasinskio g. 16 (Naujamiestis), 03021 Vilnius
(+370) 52496600
5 years of activity

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(+370) 52496600
Marius Letkauskas
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8 employees (insured)
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395.39 € (2020 July) more...

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A triangle of business, leisure and entertainment

Along with Vilnius government’s initiative to revive the coastline of Neris river, a team of businesspeople decided to help in making the river curve upon Jasinskio street feel vibrant again.

Right next to the buzzing Business Triangle, the once first ever bowling club of Vilnius is now reconstructed, upgraded and brought back to life. This completely renovated famous space welcomes people who are after active leisure, tasty food and great company. Trikampis Pub opened its doors in December 2016: the new owners tell us that they just wanted a new interesting spot between the three zones of Vilnius – Old Town, Naujamiestis and Žvėrynas – to keep the excitement going during the evenings and weekends too.

The reconstruction of Trikampis Pub was all about linking solid history with modern stories. The location itself dictates a few old traditions – that’s why the bowling alleys are still at the same place, where many Lithuanian professionals had their first throws. A special sport zone ensures that people are able to enjoy bowling and watch various sport events on wide screens.

The bar zone is what admirers of good Lithuanian and foreign beer should be looking forward to, all with a touch of industrial lighting, creative installations of wood and metal, high wood-burned tables and comfortable couches. Additionally, the bar boasts many worthwhile shots and some original cocktails with a few classic ones.

Guests are invited to lay back at the hookah-smoking space, drink some tea or just try out new aromas. This area is further away from the noisy bar, bowling and sport zones, thus allowing people to relax with calm music and easy conversations.

The new kitchen of Trikampis Pub lives a city life, offering admirable lunch to the office people during the day and serving those who want to grab a few drinks after work.

Evenings and weekends will see Trikampis Pub turning the music up, providing a long-awaited chance for guests to dance or throw some bowling balls around. Rimas Šapauskas was the first DJ to “spin” on the opening night, and on other occasions the pub welcomed (and still welcomes) other DJs or performers, live musicians, there were also a few broadcasts of special music events.

“Summer is coming”, said the team behind Trikampis Pub and started preparing the fresh two-storey terrace to intertwine with the sights of nature and the city. Modern constructions were shaped in a way that’s transforming the pub into a suitable part of the Business Triangle’s architecture, yet a whole new view of Neris river will open up from this terrace.

Several new rituals of Jasinskio street might take place come summertime, like grill championships on the riverside or nocturnal (!) fairs full of food wagons and food trucks.

Trikampis Pub is located at 16 Jasinskio street. Try it.

You can find more information on or on Facebook: @Trikampispub



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