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Naftininkų g. 13, 89132 Mažeikiai
(+370) 68717613
18 Jahre Tätigkeit


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Adresse aussuchen:


(+370) 68717613
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Today we came to visit this religious building as we're from abroad, however lady in blond hair with glasses saw us, and marshed towards the entrance and locked the door. We did not believe that it was locked at first so carried walking around. We have realised that it was intentionally locked and tried to find the way out, then a man looking like a priest with glasses and beard came out and said the doors are opened his way. We went towards his way to find the exit. He looked at us smiled at us and said that we got lost or something. We did not get what he meant by that comment and we carried towards the doors through his room. He said to us that we need to push them two doors and we will get out. This experience was not nice and we felt Intimidated as we never been locked in the buiding like this before anywhere in the world. Other towns in Lithuania were welcoming and nice, but his experience was awful. Would not recommend at all. Scary and not safe.
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