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Šalčininkų r. savivaldybės administracija

Vilniaus g. 49, 17116 Šalčininkai

(+370) 38051233
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(+370) 38051233
Josif Rybak
Kultūros ir turizmo informacijos skyrius (8 380) 30166
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AB Luminor Bank
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LT07 4010 0444 0005 0042

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Šalčininkų r. savivaldybės administracija

Near Vilnius, but far from the bustle of the city and close to the pure nature there is a place which is becoming increasingly popular not only among Lithuanians, but also among foreign tourists. What exactly determines the increasing attractiveness of the Šalčininkai region?

It is not only the good geographical location, a growing number of active and cultural recreation offers, specific historic and architectural heritage but also natural treasures – clean air, scenic rivers and impressive woods.

Unique in the whole Europe the Pavlov Republic, as well as the manor house belonging to the Vilnius University professors Jan and Michal Sniadecki, an exclusive Vagner palace, a mysterious Norviliškės castle- these are just a few examples of what you can visit while traveling on the tourist routes by car or bicycle.

If you are looking for a peaceful holidays or an active leisure time in Šalčininkai district, we advice you to explore the Rūdninkų forest or the Dieveniškės Regional Park, full of diverse plants, birds and animals, mythological stones, mounds, one street villages and millenary oaks.

Meanwhile kayak enthusiasts can explore Šalčininkai region kayaking on Merkys, Šalčia, Višinčia, Gauja and Verseka rivers, whose total length is over 200 km.

Tourist visiting the Šalčininkai district can enjoy diverse high quality rural tourism homesteads, which usually has also a wide range of sport, recreation and thematic events offer.

But nevertheless, the biggest treasure of the Šalčininkai district is its people! You can experience an exceptional Šalčininkai region hospitality by participating in various annual celebrations, such as Harvest Festival, the Assumption, St. John’s Day, the “Youth Summer” and many other…

It is worth to visit Šalčininkai district, because everyone can find there something he’s looking for and much more!



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Šalčininkų r. savivaldybės administracija
Vilniaus g. 49, 17116 Šalčininkai, phone: (+370) 38051233

Šalčininkų r. savivaldybės administracija, informacijos, kultūros ir turizmo skyrius
Vilniaus g. 49, 17001 Šalčininkai, phone: (+370) 38030166