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5D cinema, UAB "Vilmira"

Klaipėdos g. 143A, PC "Babilonas", 37189 Panevėžys
(+370) 64545854

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(+370) 64545854
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Lietuvos teatro, muzikos ir kino muziejus
132.1 km | Vilniaus g. 41 (Senamiestis), Vilnius
The Theatre Museum was found in 1926 by Lithuanian writers Balys Sruoga and Vincas Krėvė – Mickevičius in Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas). In 1936 the Museum was transferred to the State Theatre. In 1957 the exhibits were undertaken by the Lithuanian Theatrical Society in Vilnius. In 1964 the department was named Theatre and Music Museum and until 1992, it was functioning under auspices of the Lithuanian Art Museum. In 1992 it became self – depentent institution and it was renamed as The Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum.The collections consist of posters, photographs, documents, memorabilia, scenery sketches, costumes, pictures, cinema techniques, musical instruments, audio, video materials, puppets, books, etc. Over 300 000 exhibits are stored in the Museum.The Museum is a depository of exhibits, a place where scientific researches are carried out, excursions, anniversary celebrations, concerts, lectures, meetings with famous people and educational events are held here.