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Cickakiemis, kaimo turizmo sodyba

Salovartės k., 65492 Varėnos r.
(+370) 68539939

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(+370) 68539939
Dalia Cickevičienė
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Mildupis, sodyba
4.9 km | Perliaus g. 12, Perloja, Varėnos r.
homestead in Dzūkija, rent of homstead, outside fireplace, barbeque, basketball, football field, children's playground, fun for kids, nutrition, banquet, ballroom
Daugų sala, poilsiavietė
14.3 km | Maironio g. 119, Salos k., Alytaus r.
rent of huts, recreation at the lake, water bikes/pedalos, sports inventory, group accommodation, feeding of groups, place for tents, banquet halls, hall rental, active recreation, water gaieties, football field, basketbaal site, lawn tennis, volleyball ground, water bikes/pedalos, boats, boat, kayaks, kayak rentals, holiday cottages, rent of huts, barbeque, rent of steamhouse, bath, lake, camping
Pas Gandrus, sodyba
16.9 km | Gandrų g. 7, Daugai, Alytaus r.
tourism in Kaunas, rent of homstead, rent of homesteads, homsteads by the lake, banquet hall, parties, wedding, holiday in a village, rent of rooms, recreation at the lake, bath, billiard
Villa Cheval
36.9 km | Šafarnės k., Trakų r.
accommodation, accommodation services, riding, stud farm, rural tourism, rural homstead, homsteads, of homesteads, rent of rooms, apartments, guesthouse, bath, steambaths, sauna, childish camps, education, extreme entertainment, hall, seminars
Bielinio sodyba
38.5 km | Pušyno g. 6, Aukštadvaris, Trakų r.
rent of steamhouse, organization of family holidays
Dzūkijos baidarės
13.5 km | Ūlos g. 21, Mardasavo k., Varėnos r.
reonstrukcija, scull, Šalčia, Grūda, Verseka, extreme entertainment, bath, campsite, fishing, homstead, homsteads, by the river, calm recreation, rent of bikes, terrace, wedding, family fests, parties, birthdays, for conferences, seminars, Merkys, composition of routes
Oazė, sodyba
45.4 km | Bičių g. 2A, Ubiškių k., Trakų r.
homstead, bath, in the nature, rest, for fests, cabins, bed, tub, rural tourism, rent, nutrition
Sukarepkos sodyba
13.1 km | Sodžiaus g. 10, Sukarepkos k., Varėnos r.
rural tourism, rural homesteads, homestead in Dzūkija, bath, tub, fishing, volleyball, playfield, family fests, christening, birthdays, pond, fireplace, educational program
Tautodailininko Balio Dabruko muziejus-galerija
13.1 km | Sodžiaus g. 10, Sukarepkos k., Varėnos r.
rural tourism, rural homesteads, homestead in Dzūkija, bath, tub, fishing, volleyball, playfield, family fests, christening, birthdays, pond, fireplace, educational program
Guosta, verslo ir pramogų centras, UAB "Vilguosta"
42.3 km | Guostaus g. 20, Stakliškių k., Prienų r.
farmstead, rent of homstead, accommodation, rent of steamhouse, bath, tub, conference hall, rent of banquet hall, children camp, basketbaal site, volleyball ground, fishing, rural tourism, companies events, Conference, conference halls, organization of conferences, banquet halls, banquet halls, banquets, junkets, parties, wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, rest houses, resorts, separate cottages, holiday cottages, steambaths, tub, children's holiday camps, childish camps, youth camps, homstead, rent of homesteads, bed, recreation at the lake, accommodation services, rent of rooms, rest in village, rural tourism, homstead, homsteads, homstead for wedding, hall rental, hall, halls, wedding, rest in the nature, recreation at the lake with tents, campsite, campgrounds, Events, organization of events, camps, camping, campsite at lake, sports camps, camps for children, Events, place for events, event for children, big homestead, active recreation, water bikes/pedalos, boats, boat, water gaieties, extreme entertainment, rent of hall for wedding, ballroom, parties, banquet hall, banquet halls, recreation center, rest houses, nutrition, feeding of groups, group accommodation, Events
Degučių sodyba
60.8 km | Jovarų g. 30, Liutonys, Kaišiadorių r.
mobile bathhouse, kayaks, kayak rentals, reonstrukcija, rent of limousines, limousines, VIP-BUS, car rental, farmstead, rural tourism, rural homstead, rent of rural tourism homestead, homestead for banquets, homstead for wedding, farmstead holiday, sodyba šventėms, automobile transport services, tourist services, organization of events, organization of holidays, bus rent, rent of vans, rent of homesteads, limousine decorations, parties, picnics, holiday in a village, hall rental, banquet halls, paintball, rent of bikes, bath, rent of steamhouse, active recreation, banquet hall
Merkio slėnis
19.8 km | Jablanavo k., Varėnos r.
Our country tourism homestead is situated in Dzūkija national park, not far from the river Merkys. We offer 5 cozy and comfortable cottages with terraces, a lodge bathhouse, a pond and a stadium for your relax and entertainment. Nearby towns – Merkinė (5 km) and Druskininkai (23 km). The unique landscape of Merkinė and historical surroundings will make you admire Lithuania’s past and beauty of its nature, and in SPA centres in Druskininkai you will be able to restore your body and soul.

In “Merkio slėnis” guests are welcome the whole year. 60 people can stay in our cottages at one time. In our homestead you can organize corporation events – seminars, conferences, employee training courses, also entertainment parties and wedding parties. In summer we welcome tourists travelling by canoes or by bikes to stop by and have a quiet and safe rest.

Dalios sodyba, kaimo turizmo sodyba
67.5 km | Stasiūnai, Kaišiadorių r.
rural tourism, banquet hall, ballroom, hall for parties, banquet hall, farmstead, hunting, Russian steamhouse, hall for seminars, steambaths, rent of homesteads, homsteads, banquet hall, rest in village, wedding, fests, christening, birthdays, parties, junkets, company holidays, active recreation, rent of hall for wedding, for conferences, seminars, parties, for banquets, for birthdays, basketbaal site, tennis courts, fishing
Kaišiadorių turizmo ir verslo informacijos centras, VšĮ
69.8 km | Gedimino g. 48, Kaišiadorys
business, tourism, tourism information, business information, business consultations, rural tourism, tourism homesteads, kayak rentals, holiday in a village, guide service, guide, excursions, excursion, routes, establishment of businesses, company establishment, individual activity, Courses, attractive objects, copying, pressing, Conference, conference hall, advertising, trainings, projector
Aldo ir Aldonos Simanavičių sodyba
44.5 km | Statkonių g. 3, Kapčiškių k., Trakų r.
holiday in a village, of homesteads, in pine forest, for weddings, for fests, bath, tub, wedding, family fests, of conferences, organization of events, leaving banquets, receptions, anniversaries, christening, hall, boat, water bikes/pedalos, Russian steamhouse, basketball, football field, children's playground, swing
A. Grincevičiaus sodyba
82.1 km | Ežero g. 40, Neprėkštos k., Kaišiadorių r.
rural homstead, rural tourism, rest abroad, in a village, homestead between Vilnius and Kaunas, homestead in Kaišiadorys reg., preparation of banquets, preparation of wedding, grand parties, extreme entertainment, bath, farmstead, boating, water cycling, holiday in a village, rent of homesteads, banquet hall, ballroom, wedding, fests, rest