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Dzūkijos uoga, kaimo turizmo sodyba

Viršurodukio k. 9, 65344 Varėnos r.

(+370) 69963565

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(+370) 69963565
Tomas Baltušis

Dzūkijos uoga, kaimo turizmo sodyba

New built ethnographic style villa has 7 light roomy bedrooms, living room,fireplace, nice kitchen and stylish, playground for children,place for your pet and beach are here for you. Situated in the middle of Dzukija Nacional PAN park,surrounded by a pine tree forest, a lake, a stream and silence of small ethnographic village with 2 grannies.Birdwatching points and wild animals hints goes through.Explore our nature with canoes, bikes or skis.We will do our best to support you. Traditional cuisine and different trips could be arranged. Cepkeliai swamp-reserve with wild wolfs, elks and thousands of birds is just a step-away. Picking up herbs, berries and mushrooms could be a surprising experience.Sandy forest rivers, lakes and ancient villages are here for you. After all your wild explorations a starlight evening in our sauna is a must.And when you are just about to feel like a part of nature, our national pride Druskininkai resort is awaiting to get you back to civilisation. more...


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