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Kretingos rajono turizmo informacijos centras

Vilniaus g. 2B, 97125 Kretinga
(+370) 44573102
Atsidarys 8.00

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(+370) 44573102

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Kretinga - one of the most interesting district not only in Western Lithuania, but also throughout country. This region has attractive, unique and distinctive features for tourism.

Municipality of Kretinga covers 991 km² of raised face area. In Kretinga district settles cities of Kretinga and Salantai, towns of Darbenai and Kartena and also 190 villages. One of the biggest value of district are natural resources. There are many forests of which even one-third has recreational value, also region has an extensive park system. The district is rich in impressive mounds, legendary places, wellsprings. Through the north-western district boundary runs down the river called ‘Šventoji’, and through the eastern edge runs the one of the most beautiful rivers ‘Minija’, which belongs to Žemaitija region. Figuratively looks wide Minija’s affluent valley called Salantas with rolled riverbed impressive loops. In this territory here is a Regional Park of Salantai, which covers part of Minija’s rivers coasts. From ‘Vaineikiai’ forests runs out the river called ‘Akmena’. Not far from Darbenai town is the only one lake in Kretinga district called ‘Kašučiai’, and near the village called Lazdininkai there are the biggest pond ‘Lazdininkai’ which occupies 108 hectares of raised face area. Peculiar nature resource of Kretinga’s district are boulders, river ‘Akmena’ is full of them. While travelling in this region, you can see spectacular panoramic views, revealing extraordinary beauty of Kretinga’s nature.

There are about 745 cultural heritage objects in Kretinga district. Impressive churches and chapels, where you can enjoy unique paintings, altars. Interesting cloisters permeated with serenity and individuality. For visitors attractive old manors, legendary and mythological sites, bridges, water-mills, memorials, unique homesteads and cemeteries. Region’s biggest pride – museums. In Kretinga’s museum there are Winter Garden, with a lot of beautiful exotic plants in it. You can reach Kretinga region by trains from Klaipeda or capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. Also roads from Gargždai, Liepoja, Palanga, Salantai, Skuodas, Šiauliai and Klaipėda crosses territory of Kretinga region. In distance of 25 km there is seaport of Klaipeda allowing people to reach Germany or Sweden, and in distance of 15 km there are international airport of Palanga, which allows to travel to some other European cities. Visit this region is worth, because here you can enjoy cognitive and leisure tourism, revive your body, mind and soul. If you visit Kretinga’s region, I’m sure, you will be fascinated and you’ll never forget it.