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Senosios Varėnės HE, kaimo turizmo sodyba

Vilniaus g. 4, Senoji Varėna, 65075 Varėnos r.
(+370) 66361379

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(+370) 66361379

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Bielinio sodyba
35.7 km | Pušyno g. 6, Aukštadvaris, Trakų r.
rent of steamhouse, organization of family holidays
Dzūkijos baidarės
18.2 km | Ūlos g. 21, Mardasavo k., Varėnos r.
reonstrukcija, scull, Šalčia, Grūda, Verseka, extreme entertainment, bath, campsite, fishing, homstead, homsteads, by the river, calm recreation, rent of bikes, terrace, wedding, family fests, parties, birthdays, for conferences, seminars, Merkys, composition of routes
Degučių sodyba
58.1 km | Jovarų g. 30, Liutonys, Kaišiadorių r.
mobile bathhouse, kayaks, kayak rentals, reonstrukcija, rent of limousines, limousines, VIP-BUS, car rental, farmstead, rural tourism, rural homstead, rent of rural tourism homestead, homestead for banquets, homstead for wedding, farmstead holiday, sodyba šventėms, automobile transport services, tourist services, organization of events, organization of holidays, bus rent, rent of vans, rent of homesteads, limousine decorations, parties, picnics, holiday in a village, hall rental, banquet halls, paintball, rent of bikes, bath, rent of steamhouse, active recreation, banquet hall
Merkio slėnis
24.5 km | Jablanavo k., Varėnos r.
Our country tourism homestead is situated in Dzūkija national park, not far from the river Merkys. We offer 5 cozy and comfortable cottages with terraces, a lodge bathhouse, a pond and a stadium for your relax and entertainment. Nearby towns – Merkinė (5 km) and Druskininkai (23 km). The unique landscape of Merkinė and historical surroundings will make you admire Lithuania’s past and beauty of its nature, and in SPA centres in Druskininkai you will be able to restore your body and soul.

In “Merkio slėnis” guests are welcome the whole year. 60 people can stay in our cottages at one time. In our homestead you can organize corporation events – seminars, conferences, employee training courses, also entertainment parties and wedding parties. In summer we welcome tourists travelling by canoes or by bikes to stop by and have a quiet and safe rest.

Neries kilpa, sodyba
83.9 km | S. Neries g. 25, Bučionių k., Kaišiadorių r.
rural tourism, tourism in Kaunas, farmstead, rent of homstead, holiday in a village, calm recreation, rent of rooms, bed, banquet halls, bath, tub, paintball, wedding, family fests, anniversaries, Conference, christening, hall rental, children's playground
Ąžuolų giria, sodyba
98.2 km | Slabados k. 1A, Ukmergės r.
rural tourism, rural homstead, homsteads, ballroom, halls, hall rental, for weddings, for banquets, parties, for birthdays, for anniveersaries, seminars, for conferences, nutrition, kayak rentals, educational program, excursions, hiking, campgrounds, resorts, fishing
Šilas, kaimo turizmo sodyba
28.1 km | Maksimonių g. 9, Maksimonių k., Varėnos r.
rural tourism, rural homesteads, homstead, by Nemunas, in Lithuania, rent of homstead, holiday, banquet hall, bath, kayaks, kayak rentals, fishing, educational program, culinary heritage, guide service, ethnological culture, holiday, rest in village, family, for conferences, rent of rooms, resorts, campgrounds, mushrooms, berries
Nuotykių turizmas
110.9 km | S. Nėries g. 5, Ukmergė
entertainment, outdoor fun, activities for leisure, active recreation, extreme leisure, extreme rest, extreme entertainment, extreme activities organization, extreme feelings, rest in the nature, formation of the team, extreme hiking organization, hiking in waterways, hiking in nature, kayaking trips, water hiking organization, hiking in overland, hiking in swamps, hiking with skis, hiking in forests, leisure activities in winter, leisure activities in spring, leisure activities in summer, leisure activities in autumn, kayak, rent of skis and other sports inventory, transportation of human goods, camping guide, campgrounds, rural tourism, order of sauna, bath, order of pot, tub, nutrition organization, choice of routes, information about places to visit, points of interest, water and land hiking in Šventoji, water and land hiking in Aukštaitija rivers and lakes, hiking in nature with a family, hiking in nature with friends, night hiking, night hiking with games and exercises, hiking with extreme exercises, hiking in overland, hiking by feet, experience hiking, present - a surprise to friends, unusual birthday celebration, non-traditional stag, celebration of stag, stag oganization, organization of events, hiking in team (Team Building), extreme feeling with a class, extreme hiking with a class, extreme hiking for collectives of companies and organizations, active rest for collectives of companies and organizations, unusual birthday, unusual celebration, surprise to fiends, extreme hiking in winter and summer, in swamps and water, adventure type hiking, extreme challenge, training seminars, classroom teacher training, non-formal education methods, leisure in Ukmergė, leisure in Aukštaitija, leisure in Lithuania, hiking in Aukštaitija, hiking in Lithuania, kayaks, Siesartis, Virinta, Armona, guidance hiking, nutrition organization, visits of manors and other cultural facilities, rent of kayaks in Lithuania, rent of kayaks in Ukmergė, kayaks, Vilnius, Kėdainiai, Jonava, Širvintos, companies events, kayak camps, Events, experience hiking, guidance hiking
Krakila, kaimo turizmo sodyba
47.8 km | Dvaro g. 31, Siponių k., Birštono sav.
holiday in a village, rest in village, tourism in Kaunas, farmstead, banquet halls, halls for fests, homestead for a party, homstead for wedding, homstead, near to forest, rent of homstead, rent of steamhouse, rent of hot tub, rural tourism, tourism in Kaunas, homstead, farmstead, steambaths, rest in village, rent of homstead, farmstead, rent of homesteads, rent of steamhouse, rural homesteads, rent of rural tourism homestead, tub
Bajorų baidarės, G. Lipnevič IVV
92.4 km | Pušų g. 4, Bajorų k., Širvintų r.
kayaks, kayak rentals, kayaking trips, hiking, Neris, Šventoji, Siesartis, reonstrukcija, recreation center, campsite, rent of hot tub, activities for leisure, rest in the nature, water gaieties, place for tents, holiday in a village, fishing, fishing, mushroom picking, berry picking
Tempestas, UAB
69.6 km | Avižų g. 8, Avižienių k., Vilniaus r.
rent of a ship, Events, entertainment afloat, catamarans, hen party, birthdays, fests
132.5 km | Kavarsko g. 14, Kurkliai, Anykščių r.
conference halls, wedding, ballroom, water gaieties, banquets, receptions, fests, family fests, camps, active recreation, fishing, accommodation, bed, rest in the nature, organization of holidays
66.7 km | Pušų g. 3-6 (Žvėrynas), Vilnius
water tourism, kayaks, boats, canoes, catamarans, rafts, tents, minibuses, rural tourism, accommodation services, bed, bath, rent of steamhouse, childish camps, tourist camps, campsite, water skis, routes, excursions, guide service, kayak rentals, rent of canoes, rent of rafts, rent of catamarans, sports inventory, rent of vans, in the nature, entertainment, river, by lakes, kayaks, oars, inventory
Apynių namai
171.1 km | Stirniškių k., Kupiškio r.
rural tourism, rural homstead, beer, Ayurvedic massages, bikes/bicycles, rent of homesteads, rent of bikes, grill, active recreation, basketball, basketbaal site, wine, rent of homesteads, tennis, tennis courts, fishing, medicinal herbs, hops, water gaieties, kayaks
Saulėtekio poilsiavietė
56.5 km | Snaigyno g. 6, Kailinių k., Lazdijų r.
recreation center, rest in the nature, kayaks, children's playground, boats, cabins, summerhouses, water bicycle, playing ground, bikes/bicycles, tub, steambaths, holiday, rest in village, recreation at the lake
Šaltiniai, sodyba
162.7 km | Šaltinių k. 2A, Anykščių r.
rural tourism, rural homstead, homsteads, rent of homesteads, Anykščiai, Šventoji, Vyžuona, Jara, rent of rooms, kayak rentals, kayaks, steambaths, bath, campsite, education, halls, seminars, for weddings, for banquets, for christenings, for birthday, wedding, family fests, Events, birthdays, junkets, parties, parties, christening, tub, volleyball