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Vikingas, smuklė

Kopų g. 6, Šventoji, 00303 Palanga
(+370) 46045666
24 metai veikloje

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(+370) 46045666
Jūratė Breivienė
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Pajūrio sodyba, viešbutis, UAB
1.6 km | Mokyklos g. 50A, Šventoji, Palanga
The hotel complex „Pajurio sodyba“, which area takes up to 20 000 m2, is one the first hotels in developing city of Sventoji.
The hotel complex compounds of 14 villas built in ethnic style with the latest modern technologies. There are 72 rooms in the hotel.
In our new hotel complex „Pajurio sodyba“ our guests will find everything what they have dreamed of – cozy, comfortably equipped rooms and suites, big outside swimming pool, russian sauna with pool, restaurante „Magdeburgas“ with national and traditional european dishes and drinks, massage services. Quiet sandy beach and Baltic sea you can reach in less than 10 minutes from our hotel. So, the time you have spend in hotel „Pajurio sodyba“ will remembers you as source of peace, inspiration and energy.

There are 72 rooms in the hotel, 12 villas with different names where each means the name of the land that long time go ruled Curonians. The villas are three types:
I -st type villa (there are 4 such type villas in the hotel, 24 rooms) has 2 DBL rooms and 4 DBL Extra rooms. In the first floor of the villa there is kitchen-sitting room with all kitchen equipment and furniture. Also there is a fireplace. Such typeof villa is most suitable for familly vacations with children or family, colegues or friends celebrations.
II -nd type villa (there are 4 such type villas in the hotel, 24 rooms) has 1 De lux room with fireplace, 2 DBL rooms and 4 DBL extra rooms.
III –rd type villa is VIP type villas for the most requireable guests (there are 2 such type villas in the hotel, 6 apartments). Such kind of villa has three rooms in two floors with separate entrance. In the first floor there are siiting rooms with fireplace, kitchen, WC, terraca. In the second floor there are two separate bedrooms, WC, bathroom, balcony.
Gradiali, sanatorija, UAB
9.9 km | Vanagupės g. 15, Palanga
Sanatorium Gradiali provides rehabilitation, treatment and medical restoration services. The main Health Centre activities include the connective tissue and musculoskeletal system, endocrine system, nervous system and respiratory therapy.
With respect to our patient care, we offer short- and long-term treatment and health promotion programs conforming to everyone’s needs.
Rehabilitation and wellness procedures: kinesitherapy in gym and in water, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic massages, mud and paraffin therapy, hydrotherapy, halotherapy, psychotherapy, aquatic therapy, amber therapy.
Our SPA professionals will propose specific procedures for fussy customers – from massage with Baltic amber to beauty treatments with Phytomer and Viecollection lines.
In the evening, every guest has the opportunity to enjoy a Turkish bath, swimming pool or relax in the Jacuzzi.
Gradiali provides not only accommodation and health services, but it also invites guests to visit our restaurant and to taste delicious dishes. Even the most sophisticated guest will choose a favorite dish from a wide range of menu. Comfortable environment with excellent and sincere service will leave the best memories for each person.
Virkštininkų dvaro užeiga
13.9 km | Liepų g. 6, Vydmantai, Kretingos r.
cafe, plat du jour, receptions, banquets, bar, ballroom, banquet hall, rent of banquet hall, rent of banquet hall, hotel, bed, accommodation services, bath, rent of steamhouse, hall rental, banquet hall, rent of hall for wedding, live music
HBH Palanga, UAB "Žibosa"
8.9 km | Liepų g. 23, Žibininkai, Kretingos r.
kvass, cafe, hotel, brewery, paintball, park of sculptures, recreation for the whole family, active recreation, sculptures, parks, bikes/bicycles, basketball, Palanga, Žibininkai, restaurant, bars, wedding, mini zoo, zoo garden, decorative birds, bagi, Souvenirs, homemade bread, kvass, active sport, restaurant, draft beer, organization of celebrations, nutrition, branch pie, brewery, rada kitchen, restaurant, bar, banquets, bath, hotel, entertainment, active sport, sculpture park, paintball, attractions, active recreation, zoo park, route, extreme entertainment, fun for kids, games, playing ground, volleyball ground, cafes, bars, hotels, basketbaal site, tennis courts, simulators, water bikes/pedalos, boats, riding, culinary heritage, Conference, organization of events, botany garden, steambaths, entertainment afloat
Delfai, kavinė
15 km | Palangos pl. 15, Vydmantai, Kretingos r.
cafe in Palanga, cafe in Kretinga, hotel in Palanga, Delphi, cafe, restaurant, hotel, in Palanga, Palanga, Lithuanian dishes, accommodation, motels, motel, nutrition, seashore, at sea, bath, pool, parties, banquets, hall for parties, halls, hall for wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, wedding, cafes, delicious food, rent of steamhouse, rent of rooms, accommodation services, rent of homstead, accommodation, banquet hall, conference hall, parties, for weddings, rooms, rural tourism, ballroom, hall rental, restaurant, food, nutrition, for conferences, family fests, anniversaries, rent of rooms, rest in village, rest in the nature, educational program, organization of holidays, comfortable rooms, entertainment, banquet hall, bath, farmstead, banquet halls, rural homstead, rent of homstead, active recreation, rural tourism, homstead for wedding, parties, hall for wedding, banquet hall, rent of homstead, rent of steamhouse, rent of hot tub, conference hall, rent of rural tourism homestead, homestead for banquets, homstead for wedding, homstead, farmstead holiday, sodyba šventėms, tourist services, organization of events, sodyba šventėms, parties, banquets, banquet preparation, bath, banquet halls, sauna, organization of holidays, tourist services, delicious food, winter activities, organisation of wedding, banquet hall, bath, farmstead, tub, water, banquet hall, sleeping, rural homstead
Tenženė, pokylių salės
13.3 km | Sodžiaus g. 85, Rūdaičių k., Kretingos r.
rural tourism, farmstead, rent of homstead, banquet hall, rent of banquet hall, banquet hall, organization of banquets, rent of banquet hall, ballroom, accommodation, bedrooms, double rooms, three-bed rooms, four-bed rooms, rent of rooms, bath, rent of steamhouse, rest in the nature
Rozmarinas, restoranas, UAB "Gedradvė"
36.2 km | Žvejų g. 22, Klaipėda
restaurant, food, pizza, European cusine, outside terrace
AJ šokoladas, restoranas, UAB "AJ šokoladas"
35.4 km | J. Karoso g. 9-2, Klaipėda
Žuvelė, žvejo užeiga, UAB "Jovila"
55.5 km | L. Rėzos g. 1-2, Juodkrantė, Neringa
fish dishes, smoked fish, feeding of groups, culinary heritage
Smagratis, restobaras-motelis
19.1 km | Žemaitės al. 31A, Kretinga
conference halls, banquet halls, steambaths, sauna, Turkish, rent of bikes, rent of automobile, banquet, buffet, christening, motel, accommodation, single room, quadruple room, breakfast, plat du jour, supper, gift coupon, gourmet dishes, business lunch, business dinner, funeral dinner, fresh food, WIFI, Turkish bath/Hamam, Russian steamhouse
Kuršis, kavinė-baras, G. Starkuvienės firma
81 km | Naglių g. 29, Nida, Neringa
cafe, cafes, nutrition, parties, rent of banquet hall, dancing hall, fests, rent of hall for wedding, funeral dinner, cafe in Nida, catering in Nida, Nida, feeding of groups, plat du jour, take away food, banquets, receptions
Kintai, UAB
71.6 km | Kintai, Šilutės r.
Kintai, recreational fishing, carps, pikes, catfishes, croakers, grass carps, white foreheads, trouts, hunting, foxes, rabbits, beavers, muskrats, feeding, accommodation, rents of ships, repair services, port, small port, ships, kayak rentals, cognitive and recreational travel, excursions, Pomeranian region, Nemunas river delta, Rusnė island, Ventė horn, horn, guesthouse, tavern, hotel, conference hall, fishing in ponds, in Curonian Lagoon, fishing supplies, rent of fishing rods, fuel for ships, fish dishes, ferry, nutrition, accommodation, rent of ships, repair of ships, hotels, Šilutė, ponds, Nemunas river delta, Minija, ships, camping, campings, campgrounds, motels, motel, water gaieties, festive, organization of events, smoked fish, by ships, for fests, water bikes/pedalos, rent of bikes, tub
Medeinės gojus
22.5 km | Pušyno g. 24, Kūlupėnų k., Kretingos r.
homstead, banquet hall, bath, rent of steamhouse, bedrooms
Rusne villa
80.8 km | Pakalnės g. 82, Pakalnės k., Šilutės r.
homsteads, rent of homesteads, rural tourism, bed, rooms, rent of rooms, hall, sound, projector, screen, outside terrace, fireplace, hotels, hotel, guesthouse, culinary heritage, nutrition, cafe, educational program, steambaths, kayaks, kayak rentals, fishing, wedding, for weddings, family fests, for fests, anniversaries, for anniveersaries, birthdays, for birthdays, christening, for christenings, junkets, parties, parties, for banquets, for conferences, of events, organization of holidays, seminars, Decorating, florists activity
Svajonių levanda, svečių namai
34.4 km | Skuodo g. 10, Mosėdis, Skuodo r.
rent of homstead, rent of premises, recreation center, ballroom, for weddings, for christenings, for conferences, rural tourism, hotels, rent of rooms, double rooms, four-bed rooms, balls, swings
Plungės turizmo informacijos centras, BĮ
49.7 km | Dariaus ir Girėno g. 27, Plungė
Here you can find out about city and district attractions, museums, entertainment, accommodation and catering opportunities, events and festivales.
You will be able to pick up free tourist information publications about Plungė region, to purchase souvenirs, etc.
In accordance with the needs of each one, we will help you to make a tourist route, which will help to know Plungė city and district much more!
Plungė TIC's activity is to accumulate and disseminate tourist information, to popularize Plungė district, to create a hospitable and attractive image, to provide paid and free tourism services to Plungė's guests in order to attract as many people as possible to Plungė district. The Tourist Information Center organizes, helps to organize various events, books tours, makes tourist trips, trades souvenirs, participates in tourism exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, and so on.