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Vinetu kaimas

Šlikių k., 96330 Klaipėdos r.
(+370) 60204009

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(+370) 60204009
Mindaugas Timinskas

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North American Indian campsite „Vinetu kaimas“
Lithuanian rural tourism company “Vinetu kaimas” specialized in North American Indian style of tourism services, indian style campsite, rural tourism.
At your services we offer Indian houses Tipi for rent:
for your vacation, festival, meetings and other celebrations.
Indian leader Vinetu invite your team to feel like real Indians. Stay in authentic Indian home Tipi. Inside here, everyone feels the spirit of Native American Indians.
We also offer Indian sauna, indian weapons, fishing, volleyball, ping-pong. Here you can learn the history of Indian culture and traditions, learn how to cook healthy food. In evening, relax by the fire, play various games, listening to indian music and dancing.
We organize water trips with koyak to the most beautiful rivers and lakes of Klaipeda region, Zemaitija. Kayak trip - a wonderful outdoor recreation with a family and friends.
We are located in Kretingales Parish, only 15 kilometer drive from the third largest city in Lithuania, Klaipeda. We are in the Dane river valley, near the Baltic Sea, around many beautiful beaches.
We invite you to stay in our village and see how it feels it yourself.
We speak English and Russian languages.


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