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Autoparduotuvė, UAB "Karališka kibininė"

Savanorių pr. 16, PC "Hyper Rimi" (Naujamiestis), 03116 Vilnius
(+370) 65967417

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(+370) 65967417
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3.7 km | Ozo g. 25, PC "Ermitažas" (Šeškinė), Vilnius
kibins, delicious food, educational program
Senoji kibininė, kavinukė, UAB "Karališka kibininė"
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Amicus Hotel, UAB
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Family hotel, Hotel, hotels, accommodation in Vilnius, accommodation in downtown, accommodation in center, hotel services, accommodation type, room rent, apartments for rent, hotel in the center, 3 (three) star hotel. Room number 20. Room type (single, double, twin, triple, family room, suite). Rooms with bathroom, shower, wc. Free wi-fi. Free car parking place, guarded parking, safe parking, finnish sauna, hotel near (International Vilnius) airport, airport hotel, hotel near (by) Minsk highway, hotel near Litexpo. Hotel near train station, hotel near bus station. Hotel surrounded by nature, calm hotel, Restaurant, bar, restaurants, european cuisine restaurant, organized parties, wedding restaurant, anniversary celebration, bussiness lunch, bussiness dinner, garden terrace, restaurant with garde, restaurant with terrace, hotel with restaurant/bar.
Senoji kibininė, kavinukė, UAB "Karališka kibininė"
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Užupis, cafe, parties, christening, wedding, birthdays, banquets, fests, receptions, European, Lithuanian cusine, ballroom, leaving banquets, culinary heritage, halls, for banquets, family fests, for fests, for weddings, for birthdays, junkets, for banquets, for christenings
Senoji kibininė, kavinukė, UAB "Karališka kibininė"
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Senoji kibininė, kavinukė, UAB "Karališka kibininė"
11.7 km | Molėtų g. 13-1, PC "IKI", Didžioji Riešė, Vilniaus r.
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Senoji kibininė, kavinukė, UAB "Karališka kibininė"
6.4 km | Gariūnų g. 49, Gariūnai, 3 korpusas, 2 aukštas (Paneriai), Vilnius
kibins, delicious food, educational program
Vila Nora
20 km | Kalniškių k., Vilniaus r.
We kindly invite you to stay at the completely new hotel, opened summer 2009! Vila Nora comprises 2 buildings - a WOODEN traditional Lithuanian style building with 5 bedrooms (totally 17 people can be accomodated there), a kitchen, sauna and a large hall/sitting room and the VILA building - includes a ballroom, eating premises, double rooms all with ensuite facilities and deluxe rooms (having sitting rooms).

There are two ponds in the territory, you are welcome to enjoy fishing or rowing a boat. The place is surrounded by forests, possibility to pick up mushrooms or just a nice stroll around. It is a perfect place to combine both - to visit Vilnius and to rest outside the noise in a quiet nature and tranquillity.

We can also organise different events (very popular for weddings), offer entertainment (for example hunting, etc) according to your wishes.

Photos are available at FOTO. Please contact for prices, how to arrive and any other questions. Welcome :)

Liubavo dvaro malūnas-muziejus
20.1 km | Liubavas, Vilniaus r.

Situated near Vilnius, Liubavas (Lubow) is one of the oldest estates in Lithuania, one that sits at a picturesque location near the River Gerėja, presently known as Žalesa. The ponds of Liubavas were thoroughly described in the treasury book of the Lithuanian ruler Sigismund Augustus back in 1546. Liubavas has been governed by the prominent nobles of Lithuania. The famous Lithuanian sculptor Rapolas Slizienis (1804–1881) was living and creating in Liubavas Manor. Shrouded with mystery and full of surprises and discoveries, Liubavas (Lithuanians relate it to word “love”), the most romantic manor in Lithuania is presented in the stonework mill of the manor – a new museum initiated by the sculptor Gintaras Karosas.Milling is one of Lithuania’s most important traditional economy branches. Barely several tens of watermills that operated in the first half of the previous century remain to date. This monument of technological heritage tells the story of the manor introducing to the architecture, arts, the manor dwellers of the interwar time, millers, milltechnological processes and exhibits the authentic fixtures of the mill. Liubavas Manor watermill is one of the most unique watermills in Lithuania.Liubavas Manor Watermill Museum has been awarded the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award as an excellent example of a fine andsophisticated restoration. Liubavas Manor Watermill Museum welcomes visitors from April 15th to October 15th.Opening hours: from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.Reservations required on weekdays and for groups. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.Admission: discounts for students, seniors and groups.Address: Liubavo k., LT-15143 Vilniaus r., Lithuania Tel. (+370 5) 2 377
Europos parkas, Europos centro muziejus
18.1 km | Joneikiškės, Vilniaus r.
Visit Europos Parkas, the leading open-air contemporary art museum, which is only within 20 min. drive from the centre of Vilnius. While enjoying the treasured landscape of the park, you will at the same time discover the admirable world of art. Europos Parkas was founded in 1991 on the initiative of Lithuanian sculptor Gintaras Karosas. The goal of the museum is to give an artistic significance to the geographic centre of the European continent. The exhibition spans an area of 55 hectares and displays over 100 works by artists from 34 countries. The collection includes large scale works by famous contemporary artists such as Abakanowicz, Oppenheim, LeWitt, Pepper. Acknowledged by Guinness World Records the world's largest artwork of TV sets created by Karosas is also on exhibit. Monument of the Centre of Europe was created in 1993 by Gintaras Karosas. The sculpture contains indications of all the capitals of Europe, information on the distances to them as measured from the centre of Europe and the direction in which each of them is situated.
Let's meet in the middle of Europe!
Open: daily from 10:00 am to sunset.
Admission: discounts for students and senior citizens.
Guided tours in Lithuanian, English and Russian.
Restaurant (indoor and outdoor seating), Museum Shop and Post Office
open daily.
Companies and organizations may enjoy these beautiful settings and newly built premises for conferences, seminars, meetings and other events.
Driving directions. Go along Kalvarijų street to Santariškės roundabout, turn right in the direction of Žalieji Ežerai (Green Lakes) and follow the signs to Europos Parkas.
Address: Europos Parkas, Joneikiškių k., LT-15148 Vilnius r., Lithuania.
Fax: (+370 5) 2377 077.
Telephone: (+370 5) 2377077.
Senoji kibininė, kavinė, UAB "Karališka kibininė"
11 km | J. Tiškevičiaus g. 22, Trakų Vokė, PC "Maxima", Vilnius
kibins, delicious food, educational program